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Customising your Bag

It was great to receive these images from one of our makers back in December who made this great looking leather Tote from our Crazy Horse leather, a cow hide with some pull-up in it.

Tote bag

Jo also bought some extra off-cuts of our leathers and then later further customised her Tote with a slim shackle placed between the rivets and made the leather tassel.

Internal pocket

Then using our lighter weight brown diesel leather has cut and stitched this three piece pocket section.

Tote bag with internal pocket

Then stitched it in place into her Tote. It's a great match of leathers and I like the way Jo has used red thread on the pocket piece which matches the subtle thread detail on the outside bottom section of the Tote (apologies if it's been cut off in the first photo, but you'll see it on instagram and our Makers gallery)

There is A LOT of extra stitching time on that pocket section and not something that can be achieved in a day on our Tote Bag Workshop, so it's great to see the base Leather Tote being customised and added to by our Makers.

Great job Jo.


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