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                                       ** We have Relocated**

11th March Update -- New Workshop Location -- A few fields away from Silverstone!

Corner Barn, Home Farm Business Park,

Church Way, Whittlebury, Northamptonshire, NN12 8XS


Great News! I’ll be reopening the Leather Workshop in mid April and bookings will be open later today.


It’s taken a little longer than expected to find a new Workshop in Northants but it’s definitely been worth the wait. 

Thanks for waiting and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the new space/location, with the following facilities;

Two large Workshop rooms.

Free on-site Parking.

Heated in the cold months.

Air con units in the hot months.

WC and Kitchen with fridge & microwave for your lunch break and great views across the countryside.

If you're interested in any of my new 2024 Workshops/Courses in Northamptonshire and want to hear first about them, just drop me a message at

Or you can also sign up to the Newsletters for this and all the other news.

Very Best, Richard

Leather Craft Workshop Days started in London back in 2017 and is designed to be all about You... getting hands on and making is what its all about here with a selection of day Workshops and longer Courses you can book with no hidden extra costs.
Fully kitted out with all the hand tools you'll need is where you'll be making a wide variety of leather goods. 
On all of my Workshops and Courses you'll be using the highest quality, personally selected leather, and I've designed all of the hand cut and saddle stitched items you make, with a timeless stylish look, and also to be as commercially viable as possible for you if you then went on to start a small leather business having attended my workshop... and people have, which is always great to see. 
My Leather Workshop days are geared for people with some, to no experience of working with, and Saddle Stitching various thicknesses and types of leathers. Please have a look at our Platinum Awarded reviews on the Reviews page which give a great insight into what you can expect by booking one of my maker Workshops or Courses. I'm an independent teaching maker workshop with a growing maker community. Bringing the traditional handmade skills of leather working to you. You'll learn about all the various Leather types and their best uses, the Tools you need and the Tools you don't need, the making process and edge finishing, and where to buy your leathers, tools and hardware. Each of my maker Workshops are tailored so you'll come away with your very own hand stitched leather item from your workshop session.
Have a dip into my Gallery, Blog and past Makers Reviews for all the recent makers workshop classes results that you could also be making. Leather Craft Workshop Days is also on instagram and a Facebook Page, give me a follow if you like and see what people are making each month.
My Courses are also great if you work with fabrics and want to know more about working with and combining leather with your materials, bags etc and at the end of each workshop everyone receives an info pack of the various Leather Merchants around England where you can buy leather along with suppliers of hand tools and hardware accessories.
When you book, the workshop will go ahead even if it's just yourself, with a maximum of two people on the Workshops and Courses. You'll be fully guided throughout your workshop/course and encouraged to practice first on off-cuts of leather to build your confidence in using a range of leather working hand tools.
Leather Craft Workshop Days was founded by Richard Williamson, a commercial leathersmith maker/designer and a small select client list for over 14 years and teaching these very popular Leather Workshops since 2017. The Leather Craft Workshops day courses are all run from Richard's workshop where you'll be making your very own premium leather goods. 
The Workshops cover all the key essential basics of working with Leather so you'll be cutting, stitch line marking and hole punching, burnishing edges, thread waxing and final traditional method of Saddle Stitching where you use one thread with a needle at each end. If any of that makes no sense to you don't worry at all, it's just the process in making your own handmade leather goods and you'll be guided at each stage during your workshop session.
Plenty of teas/coffees and biscuits are provided during your workshop class. (If you have any specific dietary needs, please bring them along)



Please read my Micro Craft Business Refund Policy.


A full Refund if requested will be issued anytime up to 14 days prior to your booked Workshop or Course date.

This will effectively allow me just 13 days in which to re advertise and fill your cancelled and refunded space.


If you realise for any reason you cannot attend your Workshop or Course date between the 13 days prior to your booked date, then I will happily work with you to arrange a mutually agreeable date to reschedule your Leather Workshop or Course. 

Full refunds are only issued prior to 14 days before your Workshop/Course date.


Behind the scenes there is a lot of pre preparation, visiting Leather Merchants to personally select my leathers for you, and hardware purchasing to enable running my Workshops & Courses for you, which is why I need the 14 days notice.

We are fully GDPR compliant.
I hope to see you soon at my new Northants Workshop, By Appointment Only:
Corner Barn, Home Farm Business Park,
Church Way, Whittlebury, Northamptonshire,
NN12 8XS
Richard Williamson
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