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Let me say here, an enormous thank you to all my past Makers for taking the time to leave Reviews of their experiences on my Workshops.
Due to the sheer volume of Reviews I've already had to remove the first 3 years of customer reviews from 2017 to 2020 because they exceeded my website page storage limits so I couldn't add anymore!! 
We're getting close again to that storage limit, so have decided not to add anymore reviews here. I hope the ones you read here give you a good idea about what to expect on my Workshops and if you've any further queries, please just email me or you can also check in on my social media posts on instagram and Facebook.

Thank you all, Richard

If you've read our Workshops Page and can't decide which Maker Workshop to book, we hope our reviews will help you decide

I strongly recommend the 2-day course for anyone curious about leathermaking or wanting to pursue a personal leather project. His knowledge of tooling, leather types, fasteners, and general best practices within the industry will give you the confidence to start your own projects. 

He gives out handouts to help you along your journey and, if you are looking to create a side hustle, guidance on how to sustain your new hobby as a business using personal accounts and experiences. Throughout the workshop, he will demonstrate how to use the tools and guide you as you work on your own piece. I showed the pieces I made in the workshop to my friends and family, and now they are already asking for belts and wallets. Busy Christmas ahead. Thank you.

Frazer: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (Nov 2023) 

Richard I thought the two days were super clever, getting us making on day one, and then building on the skills with each project. You were also so generous with your knowledge, which was much appreciated.

What I learnt exceeded my expectations, and more importantly gave me the confidence to start and put what I learnt into action.

As you know I did not originally sign up with a huge amount of making in mind, more repair knowledge, but after the Course, now being able to repair my old leather cartridge bag and seeing how well it turned out when it is over 50yrs old, has made me think what an amazing material leather is, and now i’ve got ideas for more things - firstly some leather straps to help store some surf boards we have suspended in our flat!

Sam: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (Oct 2023)

I’ve restitched that old shabby leather cartridge bag I acquired and mentioned at your Workshop (and now given it a good clean) Its looking very presentable now, I’m so pleased. It was very useful having the Thread and Needle Kit, as the holes on the cartridge bag were tiny so I could test which needles and thread would be suitable for the project.

Sam: Thread & Needle Kit (Oct 2023)


A really excellent day spent with Richard, not only understanding so much more about leather, but getting to craft and shape this lovely material.

A novice, I was surprised by the way leather handles as you cut, skive, punch, fold, burnish and stitch it - none of which you can really experience from Youtube videos.

Highly recommend getting your hands busy working on this course.

Miles: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2023)


A great workshop - Richard is hugely knowledgeable, friendly and clear, ungenerous with his time and experience. I left with a head full of info and inspiration, and a gorgeous little handmade card holder.

Caitlin: Small Leather Goods Workshop (June 2023)

A very friendly and informative Workshop, explained the different types and uses of leather. We learned about the different tools we would use and given a choice of what to make and choice of colours too.

Richard was very patient and explained clearly, we all felt at home. I am amazed at how good my Belt is and will wear it with pride.

I would recommend going to the Leather Craft Workshop, its fun, informative and you get something beautiful to take home. 

Jess: Small Leather Goods Workshop (Jan 2023)

I did the 2 Day Practical Skills Course and then the additional Crossbody Bag Workshop,

I had a great time! Richard is an amazing teacher, he’s really helpful and knowledgeable. 

I learned so much and came away with lots of really helpful information as well as my new leather items.

If you’re thinking about booking a Course with Richard, I would recommend it 100%

Charlotte: 2 Day Practical Skills Course and Bag Workshop (October 2022)

What a fabulous time we had on this course. Richard is incredibly knowledgeable and runs the Workshop in a relaxed and supportive manner, the pace at which he teaches is spot on for beginners. We can’t quite believe how much we learnt in 4 hours and super proud of our makes. We will definitely be returning for a more advanced course. Thank you.

Hayley & Gary: Small Leather Goods Workshop (September 2022)

Lovely experience! Great selection of Leathers and very accommodating and informative guide. Hope to return soon :)

Armin: Small Leather Goods Workshop - West Ealing (September 2022)

Big thanks for such a great day, we both enjoyed it immensely and have spent the entire week showing our creations off with great pride to anyone who'll listen. We do quite a lot of this kind of thing and Tan said that it's probably her favourite thing that we've done. I can't emphasise enough how big a compliment that is. You clearly understand your craft and it was a joy to listen to you explain the history of leather work and the different types of applications.

Chris & Tan: Small Leather Goods Workshop - Weedon Bec Workshop (August 2022)

Richard was very welcoming to his studio, and then proceeded to introduce me to the different leather types, where they come from, information about the tanning processes and the finish.

He let me practice the various techniques for cutting, burnishing and stitching the cardholder together. Also taught me about the different tools needed to make the perfect leather crafts.

He was incredibly patient and will help if needed and will allow you to choose your own leather type and thread colour for the holder - being a really creative process.

Richard is a great teacher and thank you for introducing me to making leather items to a complete beginner like me.

David: Evening Class - West Ealing (August 2022)

Thanks so much for the instructional weekend, I can honestly say it was one of the best presents I've received (Gift Certificate). To walk in knowing next to nothing about leather working and having come away with enough knowledge to understand the various types of leather and how I can go from a design to a finished product is amazing. 

I am already looking at a nice vegetable tanned leather for a card box I've got in mind.

Joshua: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (July 2022)

I learnt so much about leather and the techniques/tools needed for hand stitching on the Small Leather Goods Workshop. Loved the course and I am chuffed to buts with my credit card holder. Next Course already booked.

Sue: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2022)

I attended the Small Leather Goods Course yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Richard was extremely helpful and learning about different types of leathers was very interesting. This course was a great introduction to hand sewing leather.

Mandy: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2022)

I attended the Small Leather Goods Workshop and learnt a great deal in a short space of time. Richard is an excellent tutor and explained everything really well. This was my first introduction into working with leather and I enjoyed it so much both the process and also the final small leather cardholder which I took home with me.

I hope to attend other courses in the future, thanks to Richard.

Hanne: Small leather Goods Workshop (July 2022)

This is my 3rd visit with Richard. Fantastic person to be instructed by, very informative and highly knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and will stay a bit later for people like me that wants to do something quite large for a half day. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course.

John: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2022)

I have been looking to learn leather crafting skills for some time but did not want to attend a local adult college because classes were overcrowded and chaotic.  I don’t learn well from YouTube or books.  I also wanted to do a workshop where there was some creativity and to make an item I would actually use.

I really enjoyed the workshop today.  All tools and materials were explained and laid out and the work area was cool, light and comfortable.  Richard was supportive and always helpful, and has a great range of knowledge about this craft.

I made a custom bag to carry specialist equipment.  The finished product is very much like a new bag, it doesn’t have a home made feel to it and I feel the work and effort put in has been very rewarding.

Also learned how to use saddle stitching and I feel confident that I would be able to take on a leather project on my own as a result of the learning today.

James: Custom Bag Workshop (July 2022)

This is my second course with Richard and I have one more in July. I would highly recommend this gentleman to everyone. He is very knowledgeable and gives everyone on the course the same amount of time.

John: Small Leather Goods Workshop (June 2022)

I would highly recommend having a day with Richard. Very informative and knowledgeable. It was that good I intend to have 2 more days with him.

John: Small Leather Goods Workshop (May 2022)

I would like to thank you for a great course.

I found the course to be challenging and full of content. The pace of the course was good and manageable, and your teaching technique was great, as the class size was small, it meant we could be very ‘hands on ‘ and you were always available to help when any of the students/participants need help.

The section where you explain about different leathers, and where you share your knowledge regarding your business experiences and suggested different approaches to setting up a potential business was very useful and informative.

The course was fun, and I loved the purse/cardholder, key ring, belt and the bag, I made. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about hand stitching leather items, to groups who would like to get away for a fun/intense weekend, to any individuals who would like to do this but don’t want to do it alone, go for it, it is small group and Richard is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Debra: 3 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (May 2022)

Had a good day with Richard on the Small Leather Goods Workshop. A patient tutor, he explains all the different types of Leather, shows how to mark out, stitch and burnish the edges. A very informative day, thanks.

I also received an information pack giving advice on leather and tool supplies.

David: Small Leather Goods Workshop (April 2022)

From reading the website information prior, I had a feeling that the course would be good and it was better than good.  Excellent can only describe my experience.  The days were full on but every minute was worth it.  I came away with several usable items, knowledge, skills, and business ideas.  A big shout out to Richard for making this all happen, thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course :-) 

Charmaine: 3 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (April 2022)

I enjoyed the day and found it most interesting. I thought Pip was very generous in sharing all her knowledge and experience, and very encouraging to us beginners. I loved seeing examples of her beautiful work, and the way she summarised all her teaching points in notes for us to take away was most helpful as not everything sinks in all at once . I will be getting out my tools to start practicing!

Eva: Leather Tooling Workshop taught by Pip (April 2022)


Thank you Richard for an excellent day. Great facilities and equipment, really pleased with my card holder too. I was most impressed with Richard's knowledge... told me lots of useful info for the future. Highly recommended.

Martin: Small Leather Goods Workshop (March 2022) 

Thank you for the introduction to the world of leather, it was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thank you for all the information. I’m looking forward to seeing where this can take me. 

Half way through my bag (Day 3) I thought I may have bitten off more than I could chew, but I’m very pleased with end result.

Thanks again Richard, it was ace!

Finn: 3 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (March 2022)

Thank you for a really good afternoon, I really do have the bug to do more leather working now.

The afternoon was relaxed, very informative and will be recommending your workshops to others for sure.

Will definitely be back to do one of your other workshops.

Simone: Small Leather Goods Workshop (Feb 2022)

I attended the Crossbody Bag day course. I had a brilliant day and left with a really usable stylish bag. Richard is a great chap and an excellent tutor. He was well prepared and workstations well equipped and ready to start making. The Studio is a great work space.

Debbie: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (Feb 2022) 

Had a lovely day with two other 'students' We all got on really well and Richard is a great tutor. I shall take my learning further and already have new projects planned. Highly recommended day with a really nice guy. My belt is now going to get some proper wear!

Michael: Small Leather Goods Workshop (Jan 2022)

I attended the Two Day Practical Leather Skills Workshop in January 2022. This is a great course to do if you are a complete novice, like me, or have some basic skills that you wish to develop. Richard was informative, thorough and patient and always happy to accommodate requests, answer questions and clarify instructions. You will leave the course with an understanding of the leatherwork business, an introduction to all the leathercraft skills required an enthusiasm for the field and your future prospects. I would highly recommend contacting Richard to discuss attending this, or one of his other, course.

Karl: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (Jan 2022)

I did the 2 Day Practical Skills Course and am taking the option to do the third day in the New Year to make a Messenger Bag which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve picked up so much knowledge in the first two days about all the different types of leathers and where best to use them along with the tools and hardware available , plus where to buy them. I really can’t recommend this Course highly enough. My family were really impressed with what I made, and so am I !! Thanks again Richard and see you in the new year for the bag day.

Ian: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (December 2021)


I can't recommend this Course highly enough. Very relaxed and friendly, and packed with information, as well as a fab online course pack.

Can't wait to apply all the techniques I've learned, firstly to finish off my Belt (I was a bit slow, thanks for your patience Richard!) Great location as well, and the Depot itself has an interesting history.

Fran: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course (November 2021)


We had an absolutely wonderful day at this Workshop! Richard is really knowledgeable and passionate about leather making and it was really interesting to learn about the different leathers and tanning processes.

I really enjoyed making a Belt by hand and we got to learn how to cut the leather, punch it, burnish it and saddle stitch it. We are both so proud of the items we made and have been showing them off to everyone! There is nothing quite like a hands-on teaching experience and we both came away feeling confident that we could make a belt on our next time. That is a testament to how good Richard is as a tutor. We would have absolutely no reservations about recommending him, indeed, many of our friends are envious about the belts we made and are keen to learn too so we have sent them his way!

This course is a great introduction to leather making and has left us wanting to try more advanced ones.

Thank you Richard, and keep on doing what you're doing as you've inspired us and I'm sure many others.

Harriet: Small Leather Goods Workshop (November 2021)

It was a really great decision to use my CraftCourses voucher with Leather Craft Workshop Days, I not only enjoyed it and had a great time, but also learnt a great deal as it was my first time working with leather.

My leather crafting process was: promptly answered emails, share of immense knowledge, practical use of materials and a range of tools and going away with my own leather belt!

Richard is an outstanding, patient, experienced teacher. I much appreciated the airy, clean and purpose made workshop space that strikes you with a splendid leather aroma when you arrive.

Silvia: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2021)



Richard is definitely the best teacher to start you off on your leathercrafting journey. I attended the Evening Class as a complete beginner and left with enough knowledge and learning resources to continue experimenting on my own until I'm ready to take his more advanced courses. Not to mention a leather card holder to call my own!

Glenn: Evening Class (July 2021)



I’ve just taken part in the 3 day leather workshop course and absolutely loved it! Richard was really informative explaining all the different types of leather and various uses for them. He gave me lots of  comprehensive information on suppliers and tanneries (information that I’ve not been able to find much of online so very useful!) I have a bit of experience with making already but learning better skills in finishing and best methods for making were invaluable. Day two involved making a belt which was great fun. Richard also talked through all the tools needed, what makes quality tools and where I can purchase (again very useful as I’ve just bought some rubbish cheap stuff off Amazon prior to get me started). Discussing the importance of an online presence (for people who want to sell online) was again really useful. Day 3 involved making my bag. I adjusted some of the elements of an existing bag Richard had in the workshop and was really pleased with the results. I’ve had lots of compliments and it’s definitely something I’ll be looking to make again. Probably my favourite thing was that I got my logo made up and could emboss everything I made! I’d highly recommend this 3 day course for anyone who wants a real in-depth look into leather skills, design, selling and loads of other info. It was exactly what I wanted and full to the brim with useful information, and most importantly lots of actual making!”

Lulu: 3 Day Practical Skills Course (June 2021)


I had a fantastic day doing this course. We started the day with a great introduction to the materials and tools and then got stuck into making something. I chose to make a little coin/card wallet where I learned about all the different types of leather and how those choices affect the end result.Richard is a lovely and a great teacher. He is clearly very experienced and always ready with practical advice and tips no matter what questions you throw at him. The Workshop is comfortable and relaxed, and is pitched at a perfect pace for beginners or people with a little experience with crafts. I learned a huge amount while having a really enjoyable day, and I loved showing off what I made to friends. I'll definitely be getting some basic tools and having a go at more projects, making use of the really helpful resources that I was sent by email after the course. I really highly recommend this course (or any other course Richard is running)!

Phil: Small Leather Goods Workshop (June 2021)



Thanks Richard for the past two days of leathery teaching.

I have enjoyed the experience immensely. I'm impressed and also humbled that you are impressed with my skiving and burnishing skills.

The whole set up of your teaching facility is fantastic and the way that you pass on your knowledge is first rate.

It was great to come away with things that I am really proud of making. I absolutely love my funky green Belt. The missus was impressed with it too.

I have learnt so much over the past two days and hope to utilise my newly acquired skills in the future when I am able to set up a little work room of my own.

Thanks again.

Jim: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (May 2021)


This is a really informative guide to Product Costing..... Thoroughly recommend you get it if you're starting out.

Emma & Michael:New Sussex based Business: Individual Product Costing Step-by-Step Guide (April 2021)


Leather Craft Workshop Days is a fantastic introduction course to working with and creating with Leather. I was thoroughly impressed not only with Richard's workshop but also with his knowledge on all things leather. Everything was COVID-19 safe too which made the workshop even more accommodating.

It was a wonderful two day course that left me extremely inspired and determined to continue learning and building my skillset.

I really loved how Richard asked what our intentions were from the beginning and then tried to cater the class so that we could learn as much as possible from him to help us with what we set out to do with leather in future.

I learnt so much and would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to gain practical knowledge of leather and how to work with it. Also extremely useful was his industry knowledge on where to go for any future supplies. Thanks again Richard!

PJ: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (October 2020)


Although my initial workshop was cancelled due to Covid-19, Richard kept me informed about the situation and when things started up again, to was easy to rearrange. I have to say I had the BEST day. I did a leather goods course at college some 34 years ago, and to say I was rusty was an understatement, but this course has ignited my passion once again and I will have a new hobby!

Richard was really easy to deal with, everything was really clearly explained and I absolutely love the bag I made. It was a fabulous day and much needed.

Absolutely buzzing!

Sarah: Tote Bag Workshop (October 2020)


I attended the course that was given as a gift, I really enjoyed the time with Richard. He gives you personal attention and takes you through the "history of leather and how the different leathers are used and tanned for different products" this was a real eye-opener as it puts into perspective some of the very expensive fashion brands.

You are given a choice of what you can make in the time available, and then can select the materials - leather, buckles and studs etc as you work through. At each stage Richard talks you through the correct use of the tools, giving you the opportunity to practise and become competent, before committing to your own product.

I really enjoyed the time making my product a belt for my wife who bought the course for me: the belt I made is from quality leather, and if I blow my own trumpet a good match for something that I would have bought. Thank you Richard for passing on your skills and introducing me to something that I believe that I will continue to develop as a pastime.

Tony: Small Leather Goods (September 2020)


Absolutely brilliant! I wanted to make a brightly coloured card holder (as my current one is black and it always gets lost in my handbag)

Richard was fabulous and has extensive knowledge about the history of leather and the suitability of it for various projects. Using his expertise I managed somehow to create a beautiful travel card holder which will last many years. I had no idea of the work involved; and really enjoyed it. Great stuff Richard.... see you next week for the Tote Bag class.

Carolyn: Small Leather Goods Workshop (September 2020)


I really enjoyed the course, and feel confident to start to apply what I have learnt. The group size was perfect and Richard had lots of time to guide us through every single step. I felt safe with the Covid-19 restrictions that were in place.

Peter: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (September 2020)


I recently attended Richard's 2 Day Workshop and in summary I can say it is truly excellent! I attended post covid and he has gone to great lengths to ensure the workspace is safe and is socially distanced so there is nothing to worry about on that front.

The course itself is very good, as Richard goes through all the important points of working with leather. You are provided with all the information you need to get started. There are lots of tips and pointers as you start making your first items.

Most importantly Richard is genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his craft and it shows in the way he runs this course.

By the end of the course, to my amazement (even as a left hander) I had made several items which looked very professional! I enjoyed it so much I'm tempted to do another workshop...

Anil J: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (August 2020)


Really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in crafting leather goods. Richard was very informative and explained how to use the tools and work the leather really clearly. It was an excellent introduction to leatherwork. Feel like we learned so much during the afternoon and we came away with a belt and card holder that we were extremely proud to have made. Thanks Richard, with your introduction and the information pack that you supplied, we will try our hands at some leather projects.

Max & Barbara: Small Leather Goods Workshop (August 2020)




This was a fantastic day introducing leather work. Richard was patient, informative and happy to answer queries about the task in hand and general questions. I highly recommend this day, you'll end it with a great bag that will last for years to come.

Fiona: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (March 2020)


My partner kindly bought a gift voucher to attend Richard's leather workshop. I have recently started making leather dog coats. I can only say this course was amazing! Richard is a font of knowledge, he has been a huge help in guidance for going forward in my new Business adventure. I have learnt a vast amount and have come away feeling more confident. I would highly recommend anyone making leather goods to seek out this course.

Phillipa: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (March 2020)

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