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It was a really great decision to use my CraftCourses voucher with Leather Craft Workshop Days, I not only enjoyed it and had a great time, but also learnt a great deal as it was my first time working with leather.

My leather crafting process was: promptly answered emails, share of immense knowledge, practical use of materials and a range of tools and going away with my own leather belt!

Richard is an outstanding, patient, experienced teacher. I much appreciated the airy, clean and purpose made workshop space that strikes you with a splendid leather aroma when you arrive.

Silvia: Small Leather Goods Workshop (July 2021)

Richard is definitely the best teacher to start you off on your leathercrafting journey. I attended the Evening Class as a complete beginner and left with enough knowledge and learning resources to continue experimenting on my own until I'm ready to take his more advanced courses. Not to mention a leather card holder to call my own!

Glenn: Evening Class (July 2021)

I’ve just taken part in the 3 day leather workshop course and absolutely loved it! Richard was really informative explaining all the different types of leather and various uses for them. He gave me lots of  comprehensive information on suppliers and tanneries (information that I’ve not been able to find much of online so very useful!) I have a bit of experience with making already but learning better skills in finishing and best methods for making were invaluable. Day two involved making a belt which was great fun. Richard also talked through all the tools needed, what makes quality tools and where I can purchase (again very useful as I’ve just bought some rubbish cheap stuff off Amazon prior to get me started). Discussing the importance of an online presence (for people who want to sell online) was again really useful. Day 3 involved making my bag. I adjusted some of the elements of an existing bag Richard had in the workshop and was really pleased with the results. I’ve had lots of compliments and it’s definitely something I’ll be looking to make again. Probably my favourite thing was that I got my logo made up and could emboss everything I made! I’d highly recommend this 3 day course for anyone who wants a real in-depth look into leather skills, design, selling and loads of other info. It was exactly what I wanted and full to the brim with useful information, and most importantly lots of actual making!”

Lulu: 3 Day Practical Skills Course (June 2021)

I had a fantastic day doing this course. We started the day with a great introduction to the materials and tools and then got stuck into making something. I chose to make a little coin/card wallet where I learned about all the different types of leather and how those choices affect the end result.Richard is a lovely and a great teacher. He is clearly very experienced and always ready with practical advice and tips no matter what questions you throw at him. The Workshop is comfortable and relaxed, and is pitched at a perfect pace for beginners or people with a little experience with crafts. I learned a huge amount while having a really enjoyable day, and I loved showing off what I made to friends. I'll definitely be getting some basic tools and having a go at more projects, making use of the really helpful resources that I was sent by email after the course. I really highly recommend this course (or any other course Richard is running)!

Phil: Small Leather Goods Workshop (June 2021)



Thanks Richard for the past two days of leathery teaching.

I have enjoyed the experience immensely. I'm impressed and also humbled that you are impressed with my skiving and burnishing skills.

The whole set up of your teaching facility is fantastic and the way that you pass on your knowledge is first rate.

It was great to come away with things that I am really proud of making. I absolutely love my funky green Belt. The missus was impressed with it too.

I have learnt so much over the past two days and hope to utilise my newly acquired skills in the future when I am able to set up a little work room of my own.

Thanks again.

Jim: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (May 2021)

This is a really informative guide to Product Costing..... Thoroughly recommend you get it if you're starting out.

Emma & Michael:New Sussex based Business: Individual Product Costing Step-by-Step Guide (April 2021)

Leather Craft Workshop Days is a fantastic introduction course to working with and creating with Leather. I was thoroughly impressed not only with Richard's workshop but also with his knowledge on all things leather. Everything was COVID-19 safe too which made the workshop even more accommodating.

It was a wonderful two day course that left me extremely inspired and determined to continue learning and building my skillset.

I really loved how Richard asked what our intentions were from the beginning and then tried to cater the class so that we could learn as much as possible from him to help us with what we set out to do with leather in future.

I learnt so much and would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to gain practical knowledge of leather and how to work with it. Also extremely useful was his industry knowledge on where to go for any future supplies. Thanks again Richard!

PJ: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (October 2020)

Although my initial workshop was cancelled due to Covid-19, Richard kept me informed about the situation and when things started up again, to was easy to rearrange. I have to say I had the BEST day. I did a leather goods course at college some 34 years ago, and to say I was rusty was an understatement, but this course has ignited my passion once again and I will have a new hobby!

Richard was really easy to deal with, everything was really clearly explained and I absolutely love the bag I made. It was a fabulous day and much needed.

Absolutely buzzing!

Sarah: Tote Bag Workshop (October 2020)

I attended the course that was given as a gift, I really enjoyed the time with Richard. He gives you personal attention and takes you through the "history of leather and how the different leathers are used and tanned for different products" this was a real eye-opener as it puts into perspective some of the very expensive fashion brands.

You are given a choice of what you can make in the time available, and then can select the materials - leather, buckles and studs etc as you work through. At each stage Richard talks you through the correct use of the tools, giving you the opportunity to practise and become competent, before committing to your own product.

I really enjoyed the time making my product a belt for my wife who bought the course for me: the belt I made is from quality leather, and if I blow my own trumpet a good match for something that I would have bought. Thank you Richard for passing on your skills and introducing me to something that I believe that I will continue to develop as a pastime.

Tony: Small Leather Goods (September 2020)

Absolutely brilliant! I wanted to make a brightly coloured card holder (as my current one is black and it always gets lost in my handbag)

Richard was fabulous and has extensive knowledge about the history of leather and the suitability of it for various projects. Using his expertise I managed somehow to create a beautiful travel card holder which will last many years. I had no idea of the work involved; and really enjoyed it. Great stuff Richard.... see you next week for the Tote Bag class.

Carolyn: Small Leather Goods Workshop (September 2020)

I really enjoyed the course, and feel confident to start to apply what I have learnt. The group size was perfect and Richard had lots of time to guide us through every single step. I felt safe with the Covid-19 restrictions that were in place.

Peter: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (September 2020)

I recently attended Richard's 2 Day Workshop and in summary I can say it is truly excellent! I attended post covid and he has gone to great lengths to ensure the workspace is safe and is socially distanced so there is nothing to worry about on that front.

The course itself is very good, as Richard goes through all the important points of working with leather. You are provided with all the information you need to get started. There are lots of tips and pointers as you start making your first items.

Most importantly Richard is genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his craft and it shows in the way he runs this course.

By the end of the course, to my amazement (even as a left hander) I had made several items which looked very professional! I enjoyed it so much I'm tempted to do another workshop...

Anil J: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (August 2020)

Really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in crafting leather goods. Richard was very informative and explained how to use the tools and work the leather really clearly. It was an excellent introduction to leatherwork. Feel like we learned so much during the afternoon and we came away with a belt and card holder that we were extremely proud to have made. Thanks Richard, with your introduction and the information pack that you supplied, we will try our hands at some leather projects.

Max & Barbara: Small Leather Goods Workshop (August 2020)


This was a fantastic day introducing leather work. Richard was patient, informative and happy to answer queries about the task in hand and general questions. I highly recommend this day, you'll end it with a great bag that will last for years to come.

Fiona: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (March 2020)

My partner kindly bought a gift voucher to attend Richard's leather workshop. I have recently started making leather dog coats. I can only say this course was amazing! Richard is a font of knowledge, he has been a huge help in guidance for going forward in my new Business adventure. I have learnt a vast amount and have come away feeling more confident. I would highly recommend anyone making leather goods to seek out this course.

Phillipa: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (March 2020)

This 2-day course is just brilliant! I've tried to figure out stuff on my own for nearly 3 years only because I didn't know a course like this existed... If you're interested in this amazing craft, this course is the way to go. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I still have a lot to digest and try on my own, and a few very interesting suppliers to visit. Thank you so much Richard.

Maximo: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (February 2020)

Richard is an amazing teacher, very patient and super encouraging. My workshop day went over in time but Richard stayed with us until the end and until we were satisfied with our bags. He definitely went the extra mile!

I had the opportunity to learn the basics, and along the way made an amazing tote bag with very high quality leather. If you are hesitant, don't be! I would definitely recommend to any of my friends.

Fred: Tote Bag Workshop (February 2020)


Very fun and instructive. Richard is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher. Would highly recommend.

Max: Small leather Goods Workshop (February 2020)

The afternoon was great! Richard is a very good tutor, generous with his knowledge and very patient with the students... even when we go off reservation all the time. :)

Highly recommend this course.

Aaron: Small Leather Goods Workshop (February 2020)

The Two Day Practical workshop was excellent, I learnt a wealth of information regarding leather craft and I came from the course with some lovely handmade pieces. Richards workshop is well set out and organised, we all had enough tools to work on our set projects and if we wanted a design alteration from the original task Richard was happy to guide us. I received handouts with detailed information about leather, from its history and tanning evolution to buying a hide and tools for leather work. Richard is a lovely, approachable person who is very generous with his information, I have emailed him several times since the course with questions and he has responded quickly and with detailed information. Thanks for a great, inspiring two days.

Emma: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (February 2020)

This class was a great introduction to working with leather. Richard was a fabulous, knowledgeable instructor who shared with us how leather is made and the types of leather suitable for different projects. Great workspace to work in and Richard took you through each step, making practice cuts on pieces of leather before working on your piece. Explaining the tools used along the way. Very enjoyable afternoon and a great course.

Judith: Small Leather Goods Workshop (January 2020)

Amazing course - Workshop takes place in the back of Richard's garden workshop. It felt great being able to create a real leather bag from scratch and makes you actually appreciate how much work goes into creating a bag!

Excellent relaxed instructor who offered us tea/coffee/biscuits in the daytime and allowed us to get on with making our bags, providing support when needed and answering questions he had from his expertise in leather making.

Would highly recommend for a very useful experience!

Sadia: Tote Bag Workshop (January 2020)

Best and first workshop I have done to expand my knowledge in leather. I am from a womanswear design background into leather wear and Richard explains and tailors whatever he knows in regards to that so that it incorporated with what I wanted to learn personally too. Amazing explanation and the depth of knowledge and practical skills I have learned are both keeping me interested to go forward! I recommend this 100%

Myint: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (January 2020)

Perfect to learn about and how to work with it. Learnt so much in just 2 days and now feel I have the basics to really go for it on my own. Thanks Richard.

Grace: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (January 2020)


The two Day course as an introduction to leather work was great, I found Richard to be a great teacher who has a passion for working with 'REAL' leather.

I am looking forward to working with him again in 2020 for more insight to the world of leather. Thank you Richard.

Richard: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (December 2019)

Best course I've done. Learnt loads and made some lovely and really professional looking things. Can't wait to get started making more.

Richard is brilliant, patient, enthusiastic, really knowledgeable and fantastic at teaching. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks Richard

Catherine: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (December 2019)

This workshop was so much fun! Richard has a great deal of knowledge of leather-crafts and is very open to sharing that with his students. I had made one small leather item before taking this class and Richard's workshop took me to the next level.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in taking up leather crafts to take one of Richard's workshops. AND the added bonus that you leave with a wonderful handmade bag is such a wonderful feeling!

Lizzie: Crossbody / Messenger Bag Workshop (December 2019) 

Excellent 2 days' workshop for anyone willing to start working leather.

I am a furniture maker and wanted to learn about leather in order to incorporate some in my work.

The course is well structured and Richard takes the time to explain everything. The format of the course with only 2 people with Richard makes it very personal as you can ask as many questions as you like. During my two days I learned about the tools, the different types of leather, saddle stitching, I made a couple of key fobs, a card holder and a Belt. Following the course I have started to buy the necessary tools following Richard's advice and I can't wait to start my own projects!

Thank you very much Richard!

Gael: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (December 2019)

This was a really well structured course - there was a great deal packed into the 4 hours without it seeming at all rushed.

Apart from learning about leather types and the tanning process, there was plenty of time for making and experimenting.

The materials and tools provided were plentiful and first class. The information pack provided gives loads of details on where to buy tools and materials, and there is a strong encouragement to take away the skills learned and use them in future projects.

Ollie: Small Leather Goods Workshop (December 2019)

Excellent Workshop covering not only practical techniques but also essential information regarding how to begin trading. Richard is incredibly generous with his knowledge and I feel the course has given me the skills and inspiration to embark on multiple projects.

Sian: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (December 2019)

This two day workshop was brilliant. As a beginner to leather work it was both informative and fun. Richard gave us loads of advice and tips and we got to practice the different techniques with his expert guidance there to lend a hand when we got stuck, or to show us an easier way to do something that would otherwise have taken a lot longer to learn by ourselves.

I had a brilliant time and am thoroughly chuffed with what we made and have had loads of compliments.

I can highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in working with leather craft. Thank you Richard!

Sarah: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (Nov 2019)

I had taken an interest of working with leather a while back and was very happy that I managed to come across this workshop. Initially there were no available dates left, but after emailing Richard he kindly added an extra date and even gave me an option of choosing a preferred week.

The workshop itself was very interesting as Richard shared more and more of his leather knowledge and I had to keep taking notes, which will be vary handy next time I want to make something out of leather. I really enjoyed going through every step of making my bag while having a cup of tea and casual conversation about leather and more.

The day flew by so fast and I left the workshop with a big smile on my face, tones of knowledge, some new skills learned and a bright new purple bag!

If you are new to leather craft, this is the best workshop to start with. I highly recommend it.

Monika: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (November 2019)

After extensive searching online throughout the south-east I settled on Richard's crossbody/Messenger bag course as the best value for money course and I wasn't disappointed. After a cuppa and an initial introduction to leather making we went straight to work on our bags. I had brought my laptop in so we could match the dimensions as I had aspirations to create a smart satchel for client visits.

By lunch we had both started to saddle stitch our bags together, all the while Richard had been dispensing extensive knowledge about the business of leather making as well as guiding each stage of the process.

Having attended a number of craft courses I must say Richard does a good job of patiently guiding without interfering with your final product. By late afternoon, we were putting the finishing touches to our bags riveting the strap and buckles as well as polishing off the final bag. By evening I had the finished product, a full-grain pull-up handmade and bespoke leather bag which would probably cost £200-£300 in the shops (and would probably be made from cheaper top grain or so called 'genuine' PVC bonded leather)

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Richard's course to anyone interested in leatherwork, his patient tuition allowed me to gain confidence with each stage and I have received compliments about my bag from various friends and strangers about town.

Oliver: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (November 2019)

I thoroughly recommend this 2 Day course if you have an interest in working with leather as a hobby or professionally. Richard is an extremely knowledgeable teacher as well as being patient and engaging. The fact that there were only two of us on the course meant that I didn't get left behind at any stage. I learnt a lot more than I had anticipated and went away with very thorough course notes for future reference. Richard's enthusiasm for leatherwork has certainly rubbed off and I look forward to buying all the tools and putting into practice the new techniques I've acquired. Thank you.

Michael: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (November 2019)

I really enjoyed my 2 Day course and feel inspired and confident to tackle some simple leather projects with a view to gradually getting more adventurous with the skills that I have learned. It would work for people with even the simplest of practical skills. Thanks Richard!

Alex: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (November 2019)


The workshop was brilliant - we got a great introduction to working with leather, the different types and what you might want to choose depending on what project your doing, as well as lots of advice for where to go to buy your own and what tools to get to continue using the skills you learn as part of the course.

Richard was very patient and knowledgeable and he let each of us get on with our belts at our own pace. I got to design mine exactly how I wanted it and was so pleased with the beautiful Belt I got to make!

I'm hoping to book the bag making course next.

Lindsay: Small Leather Goods Workshop (November 2019)

Leather Craft Workshop Days was a fantastic 2 day immersion with a lot of close and personal attention on every basic skill you need to pick up leather craft (or even just figure out if you like it). Richard is an excellent tutor and host, makes you feel incredibly welcomed and encourages all kinds of creativity and curiosity. With just two people per class, you also get a lot of personal attention and opportunities to ask questions - which you wouldn't get the chance to at most workshops in London.

I came away with great new skills for a hobby, tips on how to turn it into a business and loads of guidance for future ideas and projects - not to mention a handmade laptop case, key fob and belt.

Worth every penny and frustrating broken thread along the way.

Omar: 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop (October 2019)

I received a birthday voucher for this course and my husband decided to join me. I had decided to make a Clutch Bag and my husband a Belt. Richard is a great tutor; very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging.

The day started with Richard imparting his knowledge of leather tanning history and various leathers and finishes which was extremely interesting.

We then decided on our choice of leather, thread and hardware and had great fun learning to use the different tools, measuring, cutting, stitching with Richard giving advice along the way.

The day was very enjoyable and my husband is happy with his Belt and I am over-the-moon with my gorgeous red croc Clutch Bag. Thank you Richard for making such a great day and I would highly recommend.

Shirley: Small Leather Goods Workshop (October 2019)

This two day workshop was amazing, you learn how to work with leather, the difference from Chrome or Veg Leather, where to buy and the cost.

As you start your projects you learn as well what tools you will need and the name of all of them.

Richard shared with us the best websites if you want to start your business online. He is very patient and calm so you have the time to finish your projects with no stress. I really recommend this course.

Ana: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (October 2019)


I have done quite a few craft courses over the years, but this was by far the best course I have ever done. Richard is a fabulous, patient teacher, and a wonderful person. We started off with a bit of leather making history, and a walk through the different types of leather, before we started to discuss our requirements with regard to bag design. And then the real fun began. Richard left us alone to do every stage of the process, keeping a careful, watchful eye over us in case we started to go 'wrong'. At no point did I feel that I was under pressure which added hugely to the experience.

Each stage of the process was described very well, and we were given the opportunity to practice each stage on pieces of off cut leather before attacking our own bag. Everything you would need to complete the bags was available, as was a huge variety of leathers and threads so that each design is completely unique, which is a real bonus. The workroom was very cosy, and encouraged a real family atmosphere which made conversation with my fellow crafter very easy.

At the end of the day we came away with a bag that could easily be seen on any high street selling for a very good price, and left us with a massive sense of pride and amazement at how well we had done.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone, of any ability, with Richard's help you will come away with a bag to be proud of and perhaps a desire to become a bag designer/maker just like I have.

Thank you Richard for the best day I have had in many years.

Marc: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (October 2019)

I have now done two courses with Richard and I've made a lovely tote bag and a fabulous clutch bag. Both get great comments every time I use them.

Having such great instructions throughout made both pieces seem easy to make. Richard gives a lot of background information about leather, where it comes from and how it's made which is fascinating and helps give a better understanding of the product.

I'd like to go weekly and make things all the time!!

Cecily: Clutch Bag - Small Leather Goods Workshop (October 2019)

Richard is an excellent, patience and knowledgeable teacher whose approachable manner is, I feel, very important for the attendees. I felt free and encouraged to ask any leather craft related questions - without being ridicule despite my inexperience. He was very willing to share his leather craft experiences, provided good tips and awareness of potential pitfalls.

I would recommend it to anyone who are interested in dipping into leather work, (particularly those whom might feel intimidated by the skills required)

Throughout the day course I felt at ease and was able to produce a bag that I am extremely proud of.

Damon: Messenger Bag Workshop (October 2019)

Richard was an excellent teacher. He was super patient and guided step by step on how to make my bag. He also gave a lot of advice and was experienced to answer all the questions I had.

He was also very accommodating so I was able to custom my bag to suit me. I would highly recommend his workshops.

I will definitely continue with leather craft and he was so lovely about contacting him with any further questions be it near or a few years down the line.

Very genuine and very passionate about leather craft. I am so happy with my Crossbody Bag I made by hand.

Yuen: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (September 2019)

Fab day, would do it again. I learnt lots and impressed myself doing a better-than-you-would-find-in-a-shop-bag ;o)

Sylvine: Tote Bag Workshop (September 2019)

The experience was amazing! I cannot describe how happy I was when I finishing making the belt for my boyfriend. Richard was absolutely brilliant and patient. I was the only one that day for the workshop, so I got absolute 1-2-1 learning experience from him. Next weekend my boyfriend and I will celebrate our one-year anniversary, I can't wait to see his face when he sees the Belt.

Thank you very much, I will come back for more leather workshops :-)

Angela: Belt Workshop (September 2019)

What an amazing 2 days! The 2 Day Workshop is an amazing introduction to leather craft. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone!

On my 2 days I learned about leather types, how they are tanned (old ways and new), what tools I would use, pattern making and cutting, embossing leather, and the traditional saddle stitch!

Richard is a wonderful teacher and very patient, and very knowledgeable. Very hospitable. This 2 Day Workshop has given me enough practical knowledge and skill to take away and make more and as I write this I am multitasking and browsing a website for leather!

Anna: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (September 2019)

We did the 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop and it was a real delight. Richard is very patient and clearly explains what you need to do. He gives you a lot of inside info regarding leather and where to get it, what to look out for etc.

I can really recommend doing this workshop if you have an interest in leather craft.

Michiel: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (August 2019)

I attended Richard's 'make your own Tote Bag' workshop earlier this year and I cannot commend him enough. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain processes thoroughly. The workshop takes place in an outhouse at the back of his property, which has been kitted out with all the materials and tools needed. His workshop is small enough for you to get 1 on 1 guidance, which means you get waaaay more out of the workshop than those hosting groups of 10+.

I highly recommend booking one of Richard's workshops. They're great value and you'll get a beautifully crafted piece to take away :) Excellent tutor and value, highly recommended.

Amanda: Tote Bag Workshop (August 2019)

I cannot recommend this course more highly. I received this as a gift and it was brilliant.

Richard is an excellent and patient teacher and I loved that he gave instruction but let us do all the making on our own bags. I am so proud of the product I left with and I absolutely cannot wait to start my next project. I would call myself a complete novice too so no experience necessary but Richard gave such great advice about buying leathers and tools also so everything I need to keep making at home. Thank you for such a great experience.

Kelly: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (August 2019)


I really recommend this workshop and Richard's other courses to anyone who enjoys crafts, wants to learn new skills, and likes leather.

It's a full day but you come out on the other side having had a great time and with a very good looking bag that you can personalise to just your taste. Richard is a great teacher who is happy to share his extensive knowledge of leather and leather-goods making, and it's fascinating!

The techniques you learn in this workshop can be used to create such a variety of other things, you leave happy and inspired!

Emma: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (August 2019)

My experience in this course was very positive.

The course was structured well, I have learned a lot about leatherwork in a short time. Starting from leather production process, purchasing / choosing right leather for a project, choosing right tools / their proper use, to making and finishing items.

Everything was explained clearly and any questions I had during the process were answered.

Richard shared his personal experience and gave advice in developing business as well which was very useful and insightful for me. I felt that small number of students made a difference too.

During the course I made a key chain, card holder and a Belt.

Richard was very pleasant, patient and generous with his time. He also offered advice if needed after the course. Being tutored by him was real pleasure.

I highly recommend this course, Thanks!

Filip: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (August 2019)

My 5 words to describe this course: organised, informative, personalised, practical and supportive all the way through!

Richard's workshop has a range of tools (even traditional/classic ones) and beautiful leather to choose from.

It's unbelievable how much you learn in 2 days for a beginner like myself. I can't be any prouder of my veg-tanned vintage-style card holder made during the first day course. It's just a joy to contemplate.

Thanks to Richard for teaching us such a wonderful craft and making it available to all, as well as his kindness and hospitality. It has been a superb experience.

Bryan: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (August 2019)

I attended the make a Tote bag Workshop and would definitely recommend it to others. Richard is an excellent teacher who is knowledgeable and encouraging. I am really pleased with my Tote bag and am keen to further develop my skills in working with leather.

Linda: Tote Bag Workshop (August 2019)

Fabulous day spent with an amazing craftsperson. Richard was very thorough with all the different aspects of working with leather. He is a very patient and attentive tutor, I was quite nervous about making mistakes but was reassured all along the way. I absolutely love my new Belt Bag and hope to make some accessories to go with it one day. I intend to enrol on one of the two day courses in the near future to gain even more skills from the master craftsman. Thank you for the wonderful experience, highly recommended!

Shuk: Belt Bag Workshop (July 2019)


I have just completed the two day Leather Craft Practical Skills workshop, and must say not only did I really enjoy the course but I have come away with a lot more information and knowledge than I expected to.

The course explains the whole process from tannery to selling goods online. Richard explained the use of each and every tool and answered any questions I had, at the end of the first day I had made a card holder and a key fob (both a lot better than I expected)

On the second day we started the day with more information that Richard went through with us step by step. I then spent the rest of the day making two belts one for me and one for my girlfriend both of which came out amazing, I even had time to make a sleeve for my iPhone.

Thank you Richard and to anyone reading this review if you want a head start in making leather goods or just want to go home with some cool handmade goods this is the course for you.

Graham: 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop (July 2019)

The bag pattern is designed cleverly so you can get a professional looking result from your very first attempt. There are options to personalise the look using different leathers and thread, and to customise the size to suit your needs.

Good class size, just three people, so everyone could get some individual attention when required.

Richard was a very patient and enthusiastic teacher and provided lots of information on sources of leather and equipment if you want to continue with leather work.

I had such an enjoyable day and I've had loads of compliments on my satchel, and most people have been surprised to learn that I made it myself in just a day. Highly recommend this course.

Nicole: Crossbody / Messenger Bag Workshop (July 2019)

I can highly recommend this workshop.

Richard is a great teacher, patient kind and willing to share his depth of knowledge and love for Leatherwork.

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say the whole experience was inspirational and has sown a seed in me I plan to nurture in the future.

All in all a terrific experience!

Steve: Tote Bag Workshop (July 2019)

This is one of the best practical skills workshops I ever attended that far exceeded my expectations! The 2 Days workshop is well structured with information of leather types, how to buy the leather, where to buy leather, tools and hardware, pattern cutting, what to buy for basic starter tools and how to set up your online shop when we are ready.

Richard is very generous in sharing his professional knowledge in making leather goods. In these 2 days, I learn how to do saddle stitch, and a lot of other skills to make one card holder, two key fobs and a belt. All the products are made under Richard's detail instruction and guidance. I always make mistakes and Richard is very patient to show me how to do better. He is a supportive and attentive instructor. The final products made from this workshop are in skilful finish and probably can sell to customers!

Besides skills learning which is great, a small class of 2 students is cozy and personal. We have good chatting time during meal break and the learning atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. Thank you for Richard's hospitality in providing tea, coffee and snacks. After attending this 2 Days leather goods practical skills workshop, I possess the necessary skills to make other leather goods such as Tote Bag, Wallet and tool bags as well. If you want to learn good practical skills to make leather goods, I highly recommend this 2 Days Workshop to you.

Queendy: 2 Days Practical Skills Workshop (July 2019)

I definitely recommend it. I knew nothing about leather and in a day I made such a lovely bag that I can't even believe it. I took the bag to work today and I had so many compliments! All thanks to Richard, and his patience and guidance! Thank you so much for such a lovely day crafting with Leather. I really enjoyed it!

Beatriz: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (July 2019)

I had a fantastic day making my Leather bag on the hottest day. But we were in a very cool workshop at the bottom of Richard's garden. A great experience and would recommend this to anybody. Richard is a great teacher and explains everything well from start to finish. Thank you Richard.

Carolyn: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (July 2019)


I had a fabulous day with Richard... I was the sole participant and am very grateful that it still ran with just me.

I'm really chuffed with my leather belt bag. I wanted it to fit a pair of mini binoculars and a bird identification book and we adapted the size and fittings to suit how I wanted to use it. I learnt so much about leatherwork... I have made a few things myself in the past and wish I'd been to Richard first.... and now I'm feeling really confident in where to go for the best leather and kit, how to design and set out ideas, and then to make things. I have a design in mind already.

I found Richard's teaching style really engaging. He has a great balance between instruction, information and letting me get on with things. I never felt rushed and I always felt that I could ask questions if I was unsure about things. His approach is to equip people with the skills and confidence to be able to head off on their own and make things.

I highly recommend Richard's courses. I'd like to do his 2-day skills course.

Dom: Belt Bag Workshop (June 2019)

Excellent Workshop.

In a dayI learnt so much about leather, tools to use for making leather goods, and how to use them. I somehow expected that I had to choose leather from very limited range or work on already pre-cut leather swatches, but actually it was much better experience as Richard let us choose the leather type/colour and have flexibility of sizes etc.

Highly recommended.

Shoko: Tote Bag Workshop (June 2019)


What a fantastic workshop day! I am completely thrilled with my crossbody bag. It is even better than I had hoped and I seem to have achieved something of a professional finish. Richard is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and generous with his guidance - especially as I wanted to make a very specific shape of bag.

Richard talked through different types of leather and the processes and was very encouraging as I used all the different tools required. I've come away feeling equipped with skills to make my own leather items in future. It was wonderful to 'make' in Richard's workshop, such a fascinating and inspiring space. Highly recommend this course.

Denise: Crossbody/Messenger Bag (June 2019)

Excellent day of making even if it did mean I ended up making my own birthday present! Richard is a great teacher and covered lots of techniques in the workshop. It meant I produced something with sufficient quality and complexity to make me feel I could take those skills and use them in future projects - in my case I'm inspired to make custom luggage for my motorcycle. If I'm getting out of my depth I can always go back to Richard for further guidance.

James: Crossbody/Messenger Bag (June 2019)

You really have to do this Leather Workshop!!!!! It's so much fun and you can almost do everything you want. So you can really create the handbag that you like and you can choose the colour of the leather too, as the leather is included in the price of the workshop which I thought the price was very fair.

Richard is a real master in doing handmade leather items and he will teach you all you have to know. He will also give you good tips and information on where to go and buy tools and leather as well as 'a little present'. The place is very very nice and the atmosphere is really relaxed. I can recommend it to everybody and you don't have to be an expert to produce a really nice handbag. Just try and you will have so much fun that you will want to go to another workshop!!! Thank you Richard for such a fantastic time and for my bag!

Marta: Crossbody/Messenger Bag (June 2019)

Was bought a one day Bag making course by my sister and wasn't really sure what to expect. Turned out I really enjoyed it and came away with a super bag that my other half swore had been professionally made.

Richard was a very patient teacher who had time for all of us and explained things clearly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course, particularly if you think you're not very practical or craft'y - if I can do it you can and I'm really pleased with my bag.

Will: Crossbody/Messenger Bag (June 2019)

Spent a wonderful day at Leather Craft Workshop Days yesterday. Arrived home tired but very happy indeed with my fab vintage style leather messenger bag, all hand stitched and finished.

Thank you so very much Richard for sharing your extensive knowledge and making the day so memorable for my daughter and self. I highly recommend this workshop. Very good luck for the future.

Lindy: Crossbody/Messenger Bag Workshop (May 2019)

I was delighted to receive this course as a birthday gift. On arrival I was greeted by Richard who was to tutor us for the day, and was offered a drink.

We was taken through to his workshop which is clean and well set out.

Richard gave us an introduction to the different kinds of leather and tanning methods.

As the day was to be about making a leather belt we were offered to choose our leather and buckle which we then got to work on.

As with all the tools used, Richard clearly explained and demonstrated their worth. We then proceeded to cut our own length from the hide of choice with the strap cutting tool.

From that moment the time just seemed to fly by and before I knew it I had completed my first belt which I am wearing today.

Richard was a first class tutor, very patient and passionate about his craft.

Apart from learning something new you get to keep a quality item you have hand made. I am now buying tools to try and create some more items and who knows might even earn at it.

Richard not only made the day pleasurable but was keen to promote the craft by sharing his contacts, suppliers and offer to contact him for any help or advice.

I would very highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in working with leather. Thanks again Richard for a great day.

John: Belt Workshop (May 2019) 

What a great day! I travelled down from Leicester for it and it was worth the effort. Richard made myself and fellow student feel incredibly welcome and is a great tutor. Each step was well explained, workshop spot on and the final result is a Belt that I'm going to use everyday.

Ian: Belt Workshop (May 2019)

A fantastic course, well worth the while. We learnt a great deal about the different types of leather, techniques, tools, suppliers, and was a brilliant introduction to the subject. I came away with a very swish Tote Bag, which no doubt I'll make extensive use of for years to come. Definitely motivated to do more in the future. All in all, highly recommended.

Michael: Tote Bag Workshop (April 2019)

Just a quick email to say how much we enjoyed the class, the time went by so quickly and we both felt that we had learnt a lot in just a few hours. We are still talking about it, and admiring our creations.

Elizabeth: Clutch Bag/Device Sleeve Workshop (April 2019)

I did the Crossbody Bag course at the beginning of March and I have been using the bag ever since!

Very enjoyable learning day and it is great to end up with such a nice and useful project. Richard has a lot of patience and is very clear with the explanations. I would highly recommend the course.

Andrea: Crossbody/Messsenger Bag Workshop (April 2019)

I went on the leather bag making workshop and I must say.... fantastic.

I've wanted to do this workshop a while and finally did. Having the privilege of being taught by Leathersmith Richard Williamson, who guided us step by step with the product making, teaching us about different leather hides and what tools to use. Fantastic guy and teacher with great stories too. I would highly recommend anyone to take the class.

Ian: Crossbody Bag Workshop (March 2019)

I had an amazing time at the workshop. Richard is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly teacher and will do his absolute best to give you the best learning experience. A lot of techniques are covered: cutting leather, saddle stitching, riveting, fitting hardware etc, as well as basic knowledge about leather types, cuts and finishes.

The fact we were able to make a full bag in one day is mind-blowing. One great thing was that Richard welcomes and encourages small variations in design to make sure you get a bespoke and rewarding experience in making a bag that truly reflects your personality. I recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to make things with their hands. Personally, I look forward to the next class. Thanks a lot Richard!

Yoann: Crossbody Bag Workshop (March 2019)

An excellent day. We got straight into cutting leather with Richard explaining techniques such as stitching riveting and shaping. Lots of useful information to get me making other items in leather in future. Useful information too on tools to buy and from where and the raw materials. Don't buy tools until you have been on one of these courses!

Adam: Crossbody Bag Workshop (March 2019)

I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the workshop with Richard on his Crossbody Bag making course. This was my first time working with leather and I found it a lovely material to work with.

We went through the process from cutting leather off the hide through to finishing our bags and our finished products were testament to Richard taking us step by step through he day. Feel quite confident I could have a go at home now on my own after having grasped the basics.

Nicola: Crossbody Bag Workshop (March 2019)

Thanks for the wonderful introduction to leather craft last Sunday. With your friendly and easy to understand advice I thoroughly enjoyed the Belt making workshop. I learnt a lot about leathers, tools and techniques, especially saddle stitching and burnishing. I definitely will do more leatherwork as I found it a very rewarding and satisfying experience.

Philip: Belt Workshop (March 2019)

I've had a great time making my own leather Clutch Bag!

The course was well structured, very informative and so much fun! Richard was very attentive and gave me loads of tips and information throughout the whole course. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn new skills and have a great time.

Paulina: Clutch Bag Workshop (March 2019)

I bought this for two of us to do as a present for my partner's birthday and he thought it was a great idea! We both really enjoyed the day and feel like we could get into leatherwork from this experience. Really great to have a Belt handmade at the end of the workshop. We'll definitely do another course with Richard, he's a great teacher and lovely to chat with. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in trying out leatherwork! Thanks Richard, look forward to seeing you again.

Rachel & Lenny: Belt Workshop (Feb 2019)

Great Workshop - good instructions and a great belt at the end!!

Eleanor: Belt Workshop (Feb 2019)

It is my first experience with making something with leather. Richard is an excellent tutor. I enjoyed the introduction to tanning processes. It is extremely satisfying to finish a bag within a day, and what I particularly enjoy is that while there are example templates, each person made their own individual bag with different designs. It was really helpful to get an information pack so that we know where to get tools and materials. An amazing day and I fully recommend it!

Andrea: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Feb 2019)

I did the Crossbody Bag course and have to say I found the whole experience to be so satisfying... Richard is a fantastic tutor, very calm patient and knowledgeable about his craft, and his enthusiasm for leather work is obvious from the outset.

I have a lot of experience in clothing manufacturer due to years in the industry and leather goods is an area that has interested me for a while... now that I have done one of the courses I have a huge appetite to continue down this route, so thank you Richard.

I will definitely return for another workshop and couldn't recommend them highly enough.

David: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Feb 2019)

Amazing!! Richard is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. It was the push I needed to start my dream career. Will definitely be booking more of his courses!!

Don't hesitate to book this course!

Natasha: Tote Bag Workshop (Feb 2019)

This was my first leather craft / bag making experience and I found it to be exactly what I hoped for. Richard took us through everything at the perfect pace, was happy to help and answer questions and provide encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found the hands on experience of making my own leather bag from start to finish to be invaluable. I would highly recommend this course and Richard to anyone looking to work with leather.

Louisa: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Feb 2019)


I couldn't give a higher recommendation to a course: there isn't a negative to be said about it. Richard knows his stuff, is a great teacher and to have learned a new skill is a really great great thing.

DEFINITELY sign up if you've got an interest!

Ad: Crossbody Bag (Feb 2019)

Thank you for an enjoyable and instructive day last week. I am so pleased with my bag and over the weekend my grandson admired it so much I'm going to attempt to make him a laptop bag.

Jim: Crossbody Bag (Feb 2019)

I would highly recommend the Crossbody Bag course. Richard is a skilled, knowledgeable and patient teacher who gives invaluable guidance in order for one to make their own bag.

This is the second course I have undertaken at his studio as I enjoyed the first one so much and gained so many skills. I now have a stunning bag which I was able to customise and tailor to my own preference.

I look forward to using my newfound skills again now I have greater understanding of the craft. Thank you Richard!

Joanna: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Feb 2019)

A thoroughly enjoyable day course. Thanks very much to Richard for a fantastic day - he is a great teacher!

Josh: Belt Making Workshop (Feb 2019)

I had an absolutely fantastic day. From the outset Richard was friendly, willing to help and answered any questions we had. The day started out with choosing the leather we wanted to use. Richard explained how to cut it, the different tools we should use, and the numerous ways we could customise the bag.

We learnt how to cut, rivet, hand-stitch and burnish (I've probably missed a couple of techniques off the list). 

We also received a list of places where we could buy tools & leather for any future items you may want to make. There were endless cups of tea and biscuits too :-)

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in leather or anyone who would just like to try something new, and the best part is that you create a high quality bag that will last for a very long time.

Cheryl: Tote Bag Workshop (Jan 2019)


The workshop was excellent, Richard has a wealth of knowledge and I learnt a lot from him throughout the 4 hours we were in his workshop.

The materials and tools available were great and I was proud of what I produced by the end. I'll definitely be visiting Richard again to do one of his other workshops!

Jack: Belt Workshop (Jan 2019)

It was brilliant, Richard was really patient. He gave us clear instruction and guided us all the way. We were given a lot of information about leather and how to make other projects.

Eugenia: Clutch Bag Workshop (Jan 2019)

I really enjoyed my workshop and I'm very pleased with the sleeve I made for my pad. You are a great teacher and I now feel confident to take my craft forward.

Dave: Tablet Device Sleeve Workshop (Jan 2019)

A superb course! Richard was very welcoming and hospitable, with an incredible knowledge of his craft. The workshop was well paced to suit all levels and abilities, and nothing was too much trouble for Richard. The atmosphere was relaxed and the time flew by. I'm delighted with my Belt and already it gets regular if not daily use. I can thoroughly recommend the course and will be back to do another very soon.

Tom: Belt Making Workshop (Jan 2019)

Richard is an excellent teacher. He was very patient with this very first timer. I learnt a lot and will definitely be taking another course.

Graham: Tablet Device Workshop (Jan 2019)

I'm still amazed that I made a Crossbody messenger Bag by hand in just one day!

I really enjoyed the whole process and get compliments on my bag wherever I go. Richard is a great teacher, very patient and explained and demonstrated the techniques clearly. I'd definitely recommend this as a great way to spend a day.

Claudia: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Dec 2018)


Both my son and I were made very welcome by Richard on our Belt Making course. Richard is very knowledgeable and relaxed in how the information and skills are conveyed. Richard is clearly passionate about his leather skills and more than willing to pass all of this information during the course.

This was truly inspirational and has opened our eye to the world of leather skills and expanding on this in the future.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in hand crafted leather.

Tony & James: Belt Workshop (Dec 2018)

Richard was a fantastic teacher and explained all the basics of leather crafting with ease. I felt very comfortable asking questions, and the small class size meant we got plenty of attention throughout the day.

I was able to make something genuinely amazing on my first try because of how well I was guided through the process, and really feel I have learnt the skills rather than just going through them without a full understanding. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to construct with Leather!

Shaun: Crossbody Bag Workshop (Dec 2018)

I loved the course. I had so much fun and learned a lot. The end result was also amazing. I would really recommend it.

Jana: Tote Bag Workshop (Dec 2018)

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the course earlier this year. The card wallets we made have developed a gorgeous patina and really got better with age. Thank you for your time and expertise: putting our own time and effort into making them for each other was an absolutely brilliant way to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary: I wholeheartedly recommend the day to anyone.

Will: Card Holder Workshop (Nov 2018)

I had such a great day at the Belt making workshop! Richard is a wonderful, patient teacher, and really knows how to work with each student at their individual paces. The size of the classes is also really perfect to come out of the class with confidence that you can continue to experiment and work on your own.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this class to anyone who is keen to learn! Thanks again Richard!

Lucy: Belt Workshop (Nov 2018)

The great experience. I definitely recommend the course as the real experience is much more helpful than theory in the book. In one day I was able to make my own Tote Bag without any previous leather craft knowledge.

Richard was a great mentor and I was inspired to move on with my idea of designing and making the entire collection of leather accessories myself.

Egle: Tote Bag Workshop (Nov 2018)

I've really enjoyed my time making a leather Belt as a gift for my boyfriend at Richard's Workshop. Richard was very welcoming and patient. He gave us interesting facts behind leather while showing us some great samples of vegetable tanned leathers.

It was a very relaxing workshop as it was only a group of three. I didn't fall behind with making, as Richard was very helpful to every one of us. Also he happily answered any questions that we had.

Well recommended if you are interested in making leather items!

Yeeun: Belt Making Workshop (Nov 2018)


I attended the leather Card Holder Workshop course and it was amazing. Richard has a wealth of knowledge and is a first class teacher who is patient, professional, welcoming and highly skilled. The course exceeded my expectations and I now have better understanding of leathers and ended up making my own stunning card holder. A great course that I'd definitely recommend! I'm looking forward to use my newfound skills to make more creations! A huge thanks to you Richard!

Joanna: Card Holder Workshop


My daughter Lauren and I spent last Saturday making a Tote Bag. Even though I say so myself, the results were very professional!

This was in no small part due to Richard's instruction and patience. This course far exceeded our expectations.

Richard shared his considerable knowledge and experience and genuinely wanted people to continue with leather work after the course.

I would recommend one of Richard's courses to anybody interested in learning a new skill.

Gill: Tote Bag Workshop


The Crossbody Bag making course was fantastic. Richard was generous with both his time and knowledge. He is such a patient and calm teacher with the ability to coax the best out of you. His style is relaxed but the amount of information and technique that he shows throughout the day is tremendous. Be prepared to concentrate and by the end of the day he will make sure you will have produced something to be proud of that is truly unique and beautiful. I 100% recommend this course with Richard.

Fiona: Crossbody Bag Workshop



I attended Richard’s tote bag workshop along with my husband.  I cannot praise it highly enough.  Richard is a great teacher, very patient and very generous with his knowledge, he even gave me advice on how to restore a damaged leather bag that has sentimental value for a friend.  We both enjoyed the day tremendously!  If you are thinking of booking a course with Richard, don’t hesitate, you’ll have a great day and come away with a lovely piece of leather work. When I took our tote bags to work they caused quite a stir and a sizeable amount of envy with several people asking if I would sell them!  I can’t wait to go back and make something else and, in the hours we were with him, he has given me the confidence, advice and encouragement to attempt the restoration for my friend.  

Margaret: Tote Bag Workshop