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Our Off The Beaten Track - Event - update!

We'd like to send out a very big Thank You to everyone who's joined our (no commitment) Off The Beaten Track Events mailing list.

We love our little London Workshop but we also wanted to get out into the open and take the 'maker' experience of our Workshop Days into the wilderness, and without doubt we've found an absolutely stunning 20 acre Woodlands as the setting.... and only an hours drive from London.

We took these photo's a few days ago, tail end of our winter with the trees just about showing the start of Spring, on a brisk afternoon and yet you can still see and feel it's beauty.

Off The Beaten Track Event

We can't wait to show you the woodlands in full leaf in a few months when Spring arrives.

Oak and Larch Barn

The barn will make a perfect base where we can all make some unique leather goods, surrounded in beautiful Woodlands.

Leather Craft Workshop Days Events

We'll be incorporating some new designs that combine the crafts so you can also make a piece that combines Leather and the Wood that's been grown and cut from these very special Woodlands.

Oak and Larch Woodlands

Ok...... so we're fairly biased, but combining natural vegetable tanned leathers with these woodlands wood is about as perfect and natural as it gets!

Our Off The Beaten Track event is planned for the 2nd half of this year. To hear first about all the plans and the event, location and how to book, just follow the links in our 'EVENTS' page to register, found in the header.

Thank you all.

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