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Changes to 3 Day Leather Course for 2023

The format of my 3 Day Leather Practical Skills Course is changing for 2023 to give the learning a little more time to be absorbed and practiced.

The feedback and reviews for my 3 Day Course have been amazing over the years, thank you all so much.

There is a great deal covered in the first 2 Days, and the final Bag Making on the 3rd consecutive Day is another extremely full and busy day of making…. so all in all, it can be a fairly exhausting Course with lots to learn and make.

Last year I had a number of requests from people wanting to attend the 3 Day Course but couldn’t get a weekday off or, just were finding it difficult to schedule in 3 consecutive days in their family life.

So a useful alternative was to ask them to book the 2 Day Course (usually run on a Saturday & Sunday) and then once completed they could then book themselves onto the Crossbody/Messenger or Tote Bag Workshop with a 10% discount code, and this could be completed anytime from say the next weekend, or months later.

The feedback in doing it this way has been really positive with reasons varying from;

  • Having time in between the 2nd day and the final Bag Workshop to buy tools and leathers, visiting leather merchants and practice what they learnt over the 2 Days to build more confidence in working the leather was a real bonus.

  • For those travelling longer distances and staying over in local Hotels, it saves them booking an extra night.

So the changes are from May 2023 the specific consecutive dates 3 Day Course will be replaced by the 2 Day Leather Practical Skills Course, with the option for you to book separately onto the Bag Workshop with a 10% discount code.

So the last bookable 3 Day Course running on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday is on the 21/22/23rd April 2023.

If you’d like any further info about the 2 Day Course and the Bag Making Workshop, or would prefer to attend on weekdays rather than a weekend, please do get in touch and we can discuss suitable dates for you.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see on one of my Course or Workshops.

Richard Williamson

Leather Craft Workshop Days

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