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Painted Leather

I’m extremely lucky to meet so many amazing creatives on my Leather Workshops. Ranging from the most amazingly skilled fabric sewers that just make for themselves at home, all the way through to a House of Faberge featured jewellery designer, to a breakdown artist.. (google it), and so many more skilled individuals from so many more disciplines.

This little Blog post is all about Ashley Brayson of

Almost a month ago Ashley and his lovely wife came to my Weedon Depot Leather Workshop on one of my Small leather Goods Workshops, and a throw away mention during the afternoon that Ashley had painted on leather peaked my interest and then I found this on his insta


If you’d like to see how Ashley creates his artwork, you’ll find a link on his website to some detailed Youtube videos.

I think these are just stunning, to get so much detail into something the size of a wallet front is just amazing. Ashley uses professional grade acrylic paints with an airbrush to achieve the detailed finish. You'll find loads more of his amazing pieces on his website and insta feed @ashleybrayson

Ashley has put his Pocket Paintings into semi retirement but if you’re looking for an extremely special one-off piece of artwork (maybe not necessarily on leather) and you have

£££’s to ££££’s to own one then he may start a waiting list and come out of artists retirement.

Come on folks, spread the word and lets get Ashley back in the saddle

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