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Makers gonna Make

Marc was on one of our Leather Workshops last October and has definitely caught the leather making bug in style.

After our Workshop he's taken his new skills and honing them further in making watch straps, glasses cases, iPhone earbud cases and now recently this great looking leather bag developing his leather techniques beyond our afternoon Workshop.... which is so good to see.

Note the subtle hand cut 'M' initial on the front panel.

Skived, rolled and stitched edges... plus the best stitched Fixie Bike I've ever seen.... and on top of that it's lined!

And finally we have a special Liberty print webbing which Marc has, in his own words "dealt with the complicated Leather ends" This belies the finished look and the hand stitched hours spent on these ends Marc which were so worth it. lovely attention to detail by reducing the leather width down the buckle hole section.

I've not asked Marc how long this took to make... With cutting panels, lining, skiving, interior pockets, rolled stitched edges, chisel punching and strap etc, I'd estimate a full 3 or 4 days depending how much you are in the zone!

But it is always 100% worth every minute spent on design - source - cut - skive - stitch - hardware and finish.

I hope it's inspired you to get in to working with leather and take a good look at what's out there.

Handmade is best.

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