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3 Day Leather Course

Are you thinking of starting your own small leather goods business, or just starting out as a hobby and happy to see where your new skills lead you?

New for 2021 is our 3 Day Leather Practical Skills Workshop Course which, like all of our courses is a hands on tuition based course, learning by making, and is aimed at beginners interested in gaining a good understanding of the leather working skills and techniques used in making a wide variety of Leather Goods.

On this Workshop course you’ll cover everything we do on our 2 Day Practical Skills Workshop course, and then on the third day you’ll be bringing all those newly learnt skills into making a larger three dimensional item, either our Crossbody/Messenger Bag or a Tote Bag.

Please have a look at our extensive Makers Gallery and also our Reviews page to see what you can make and our students feedback.

If you have another three dimensional leather project in mind that you’d like to make on the third day we may also be able to cover that, just send me an email prior to booking.

Creating 3 dimensional items (with gussets) can be a daunting task as a beginner, especially when working with expensive leather, and especially so with heavier weight leathers. Also choosing the correct leather for your particular project is critical to how your bag will function and last. You’ll cover all these issues and also be shown how to size up or size down your pattern.

On the first 2 days you’ll gain a good understanding of the leather working skills & techniques used in making a variety of Small Leather Goods with the aim over those first 14 hours to save you.... and move you on at least a year of you trying to figure out all of the who, what, where, when, why of working with Leather by yourself. You’ll be pleased to hear you won't be saddle stitching for 14 hours solid! Over the 2 Days you'll be making 2 or 3 items, such as a card holder, and a Belt or Folio, these small items will show you the different skills/techniques that you can then use or scale up later at your own pace.

You will also cover and practice the following, either in making your items or as separate tasks;

Tanned Leather types - assess leather for intended use.

How to select and where to buy your leathers and tools.

UK Leather Merchants/Finishers/Tanneries.

Hand stitched thread types and needles - waxing - saddle stitch and wrap stitch for watch straps etc.

Hand cutting tools - Pattern cutting - Formers

Small batch production cutting.

Bevelling - Skiving - Splitting - Creasing - Burnishing

Rivet types, Eyelets and Hardware closure options and setting tools.

Make a Leather strop.

All Belt and Strap cutting hand tools.

Logo's - Deboss and Hot foil (If you provide your logo artwork 3 weeks prior to your workshop date we can have your logo plate ready for you to use on the day (small charge depending on size) or we can post it on to you later.

Online presence - Webshop options.

Bag design, and how to start pattern making.

You'll also receive a detailed info pack and afterwards can contact me anytime for further queries.

This Workshop course will run once booked and will only have either a minimum of one, to a maximum of four students.

You’ll also receive a detailed info pack and afterwards can contact me anytime for any further queries.

I look forward to meeting you, and please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


Richard Williamson

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