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Local Artisans

Our little corner in Hanwell West London is definitely punching above its size with local Artisan's and Creatives.

A couple of summers ago I had the pleasure of running a custom workshop for Ange who makes contemporary handmade silver jewellery. Both Beverley and I are big fans of her jewellery style and Beverley has a couple of her unique pieces that get worn on special occasions.

You can find her website here​

Below is a photo of Ange' finished bag, note the brass clasp that Ange designed herself, which makes her bag truly unique.

If I remember rightly this style of bag with a centre gusset was completed over 2 days

and like all good vegetable tanned leathers, the colour tone has darkened down as it develops its own patina with use.

Then fast forward a summer and Ange as well as making her unique jewellery pieces, is now also running Ring and Bangle Making Workshops from her 'She Cave' and I couldn't resist booking the workshop for Beverley. She loved it and I was amazed at the quality of the finished 3 stack rings Ange had shown Beverley how to make in an afternoon.

It's so similar to our Leather Workshops, when the makers have made them themselves they have so much more of a connection with their finished pieces than if they'd bought it off the high street.

I've not been much of a ring wearer myself but having seen Beverley's rings I wanted one for myself! :)

Below are some of Ange's stunning jewellery pieces, inspired by nature and architecture

You can book your Ring or Bangle making workshop on her website, below is the 3 stack version where you can customise each ring.

For my ring I was keen to use the wax carving method and Ange was great and arranged a date for the workshop.

I'm always interested in the specific tools used for different crafts and how to use them, Ange was great at explaining everything.... and after a few hours of carving the wax in to shape it was done and ready for Ange to take away for casting.

Cutting off the initial wax block.

Turning the wax inside to fit my finger and then more top side scalpel work.

Trimming and filing.

Back from being cast, my very own solid silver ring, now ready for polishing and a tiny bit of fettling!

I'm now a convert to ring wearing, thanks so much Ange for showing me how to do it, it was great fun carving the wax and love my ring... I can see a few more joining it!

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