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Small Leather Goods Workshop

Not entirely new! more of a joining of a collection of our popular workshops to give you a wider choice.

Small Leather Goods Workshop

Over the last couple of years we've been trying to run separate 'maker' workshops

for the;

Card Holder


Clutch Bag

iPad Sleeve workshops.

....And have finally come to the conclusion due to our workshop space that there aren't enough days in the week to keep them all separate, along with all our other popular workshops, so have joined the ones, surprised it's taken us this long to work it out.

So we're bringing the four maker items under one Workshop for you and hope you like it.

We're still operating this workshop with a maximum of three makers and when you've booked your place you can decide on the day which item you want to make from the above..

Should also be perfect if you're purchasing our Gift Certificate for this new workshop as a gift as it'll give the person you present the Certificate to the widest choice of what they want to make on the day.

With a good choice of changing leathers to choose from, we hope you like like the new set up on this one.

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