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Hand Dyeing & Pyrography by our Makers

It's great to be able to share here what our Makers go on to accomplish after our Workshops.

This is Jim's second entry on the Blog with a pair of handmade and hand dyed flip flops/sandals. What do you think? I think they look amazing.

Hand dyeing natural vegetable tanned leather is certainly not as easy as you may think if you've not tried it before, depending on the look you are after. Jim explained that the slight streaking effect wasn't what he was looking to achieve at the start, but I think it's given a really interesting and character look to the leather.

I hear Jim has also been experimenting with some vegtan wet molding to make a case for his mobile phone! Can't wait to see how that turns out.

Our second Maker has used an interesting technique to deboss into the leather.

If you don't have space to store an Arbor press or hydraulic press, then Pyrography may be the answer. Queendy made this Chef's knife roll and experimented with debossing the initials with the pyrography kit. Again, not as easy as it may look Queendy explained as it took lots of practise attempts with the heat level and pressure into the leather to get the finished look. Remember leathers are tanned in so many different ways and with the hides been unique I'd imagine you'll develop the feel for the amount of pressure to apply. The results here though look very professional and perfectly lined up. Well done!

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