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Horween Leather patina

If you're brand new to working with leather, it can be challenging finding and buying the leather hide that will be perfect for your first hand made leather accessories so this little post will show you the great characteristics of vegetable tanned leather, especially in a lighter colour tone.

In this example the leather here is from the famous Horween Tannery in Chicago and is their Derby English Tan and shows you the colour patina change you'll get with daily use being taken in and out of bags with no special care! Thank you Bev.

Horween Derby Leather

You may initially be surprised by the colour change as I made this card holder 2 years ago from the hide it's laying on, a lovely piece of Horween Derby Tan vegetable tanned leather.

On lighter coloured vegetable tanned leathers you'll always find this lovely aged patina that'll develop with use, as you can see the leather has darkened a lot but still a little lighter where the front flap has covered the front panel.

Horween Leather

Bare in mind that this kind of unique character won't suit every type of leather accessory you'll make, that's why its important to know your leathers before you work and make with them. On our Workshops we'll talk you through the main types of tanned leathers and what you should be looking for when buying your hides.

Leather patina

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