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Letting you choose the style

Tote or Crossbody Bag Workshop

If you've been looking for the separate Tote Bag and Crossbody Bag Workshops to book on our Workshops page, you'll have noticed a new addition!

We've been working on a few website improvements for you and you'll now see our combined 'Tote Bag Or Crossbody Bag' Workshop (as above).

This will make your booking experience so much easier, especially if you're booking it as a Gift for someone.

The big difference now allows you to book your date and then decide on the day if you want to make a Leather Tote Bag, or a Leather Crossbody Bag.

It also allows us to run more weekend and weekday dates for you and if you're booking it as a Gift it will make life so much easier for you in not having to spoil the surprise in having to ask them if they want to make a Tote or a Crossbody Bag.... they can now decide themselves on the day!

Hope you like the improvements and look forward to seeing what you'll create.

Have a look at our Makers Gallery for some inspiration or follow us on instagram and Facebook.

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