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Wet Forming, Valet Trays, Pouches and more

It was great to have Julia back at the Workshop in Weedon Bec last week making her Navy blue leather Crossbody Bag.

Her first visit was back in January 2020 when she made a Leather Tote Bag choosing a pull-up distressed leather, it’s the one on the right below

As it transpired it was perfect timing for Julia to try out working with Leather as the first Covid ‘lockdown’ in 2020 was nearly on us so with the info pack from my Workshop she was able to buy various tools and leathers to really get into making various leather goods in her downtime.

So in this Blog post and the next we can celebrate and share some of the various leather goods Julia has been making over the last couple of years.

A simple and effective Leather wrap for device cables and drawcord pouches for the plugs

More pouches for dice etc and leather tassels which make a great addition to accessorise bag zippers and key rings.

Leather Valet trays are a really good way of storing your keys etc in hallways or bedside tables. The colour combinations are endless and either use snap closures on the corners or stitch the corners, leave them unlined or lined, it’ll really depend on the quality of the grain and flesh side of the leather you’re using.

Wet forming Leather is as the name suggests, soaking vegetable tanned Leather and forming it into shapes either freestyle or with formers. Once the leather has had time to dry, usually a full day, it’ll retain the shape you’ve formed it into and works really well here in Julia’s structural leather bowl here. The only limits to wet forming leather are your own designs or application as it can be used theatrically for masks or cosplay etc or various ways to create depth for bags etc or even lampshades!

I’m so pleased to see Julia has really been experimenting with leather in various applications, it’s why I personally love using and working with Leather as it’s so adaptable it can be used in almost any application.

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