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Why this Kit?

All threads are definitely not the same, and with spool prices ranging from £7.95 to £68 it can quickly get very expensive experimenting. 

If you’re buying the top price spools wouldn’t you rather find out from this kit how they sit on your leathers and then you can confidently choose the right spool thread brand and needles.

If you were to buy each of these 14 threads in this kit in the full size spools (see photo) it would cost you close to £300 with postage, and unrolled, you’d have 3km of thread… thats a lot of saddle stitching!


There is enough sample thread of each type to make two or three small items but the main aim of the Leather Craft Workshop Days Threads & Needles Tester Kit is so you can try out 14 different main brand thread types in a mix of colours, polyester, linen, round and flat profile, waxed and unwaxed and 4 different needle sizes in a testing run with your own stitching chisels/irons on your leathers.


How does your Stitch look?

This Threads & Needles Tester Kit is for all levels of leather workers looking for an economical way to try out a wide range of threads with your own stitching chisels/irons to see for yourself how they look on your leather(s). 

You may have just the one size chisel punch, or acquired two or three different styles and SPI (stitches per inch). One size/type thread will not suit all uses. 

A thin profile thread suitable for watch straps would not suit a rugged bag and vice versa.

Achieving a stitch that looks just right needs three things in harmony. 

  • The right size and profile Thread.
  • The right size Needle.
  • The corresponding Stitching Chisel/Pricking iron.


What’s included in the Threads & Needles Sample Kit?

3 metre samples of 14 different types of threads for leather work from 6 leading brands;

Julius Koch, Ritza 25 Tiger thread

Fil au Chinois Lin Cable


Yue Fung

Amy Roke

MBT Supersew


6 different thread sizes from 0.45 to 0.8mm


A pair each of 4 different John James Saddlers Harness Needles in sizes 2/0, 1/0. 003 and 004.


                         INCLUDED THREADS













Julius Koch Ritza 25

Tiger thread





Julius Koch Ritza 25

Tiger thread





Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable

no. 632





Meisi Original Waxed

Linen Thread





Meisi Super Fine Waxed

Linen Thread <