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The aim of our digital download Product Costing Guide is to save you hundreds of £'s before you've even purchased your Leather (materials). Ask yourself this;

If you haven't established what the real cost to your business is of each individual product you're selling, how did you choose your selling price? and most importantly how do you know you're making a sustainable business profit on each of the individual items you're selling.

Our 12 page Guide takes you through, Step-by-Step how to identify your Product Costs and calculate them.

You can use this calculation on your existing products you're selling which will identify which of your items makes you the most and least profit.... or may even identify you're making a product loss!

Or you can also use this Step-by-Step Guide to arrive at an estimated Individual Product Cost while you are at the early design stage prior to purchasing your materials and will give you your potential estimated Product profit or loss, so you can then identify if the product is worth making.

At the end of the Guide we've also included a Test example for you to work through, with the answer and workings on the back page.


Although in this Guide we are looking at Leather as our material, this Product Cost Guide can also be applied to any materials that have potential wastage.


When you purchase our 12 page Guide you'll receive links to download your Digital Individual Product Costing Guide in the thank you page at checkout, along with an emailed link.

Please double check that you've entered your correct email at checkout, and it hasn't been 'auto-corrected' to an incorrect spelling.


Thanks for purchasing, and I hope you find my Guide useful and that it keeps you profitable!

Kind regards,

Richard Williamson

Individual Product Costing - 12 page Step-by-Step Guide

  • Your link will open up this 12 page Guide as a Pdf ready for you to save or print.

  • This Guide is only for your own use. Not to be copied or published elsewhere without prior permission sought.

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