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Leather Folio's and Tote Bags

Welcome to Pt 2 of Julia’s makes since visiting my Leather Workshop back in 2020 just prior to the first Covid ‘lockdown’ with a selection of her Folios and Tote Bags made at her own workbench.

One of the conundrums for Leather Folios is maybe surprisingly not the making of it but the closure system options, especially with valuable iPads, phones and laptops.

The easy way to do it is to set a snap closure on it for the flap closure but it won’t take very long for the underside of the metal closure to mark up your device case… or even worse the screen!

The following pics from Julia’s makes show flat seamed and gusseted Leather Folio alternative closure options. This style is more commonly used with flat document folios but works equally well here and opens up lots of options of alternatives in colour shape material and style.

Leather Tote Bags

You can never have enough Totes. Back in January 2020 Julia made her fist Leather Tote on my Workshop, it's the one on the right in a distressed Rosewood pull-up Leather

Now she has a couple of very fine bench made stable mates.

Leather choice for Totes is always interesting on my Workshops. Tote bags you buy in high street shops are mass manufactured to a very low bottom line so I don't see any reason to follow what they do.

No.1 There is no way I or you as an individual maker can compete with the likes of Primark etc.

No.2 When you realise this, it opens up a whole new range of far more interesting and characterful leathers to choose from in making your Tote, and that's exactly what Julia has done with her Totes. Selecting characterful leathers from Uk Leather Merchants.

I hope Julia's makes have inspired you to take up Leather Craft, it's the best Craft.

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